“Autismo Burgos” is a parent non-profit association established in 1984 to promote the well-being and the quality of life of the autistic people and his families.

The association aims at creating, developping and/or potimising the necessary services to give response to the specific needs of the persons on the autism spectrum.

Autismo Burgos developes a permanent collaboration with public and private institutions from the educational, social and health fields. Autismo Burgos works closely with with other associations on the social field and emphasises professional development and training in the area of disability and autism.

Services provided

  • Assessments of special and specific needs of autistic people
  • School services
  • Program for autistic persons needing a low level of support: APITEA
  • Parent’s support
  • Day Centre for Adults
  • Leisure time program
  • Residential Service to improve independent life and family support
  • Assessment to parents and professionals
  • Training & research on IT
  • Design and Development of special software
  • Diagnostic Service
  • Early attention service
  • BBMIRADAS: Baby Lab Programme for early screening and intervention in babies

The association’s activities and programmes are all evidence-based and sicentific-proved, and the most innovative and accredited models on this field. Its approach consists on promoting personal skills and of wealth-producing participation in the bosom of the community. They consider that the education applied to all the areas of the life of the individual is the best tool to contribute to the achievement of the above mentioned goals.


Autismo Burgos

Calle Valdenúñez 8, Burgos 09001, Spain

Tel: +34 947461245

Email: autismoburgos@autismoburgos.org

Website: http://www.autismoburgos.es/

Law Degree, University of Burgos. Post Degree Studies at the University of Burgos with the project “Services for People with Autism”, obtaining the qualification of Cum Laude in December 2009. Title of Advanced Studies and Research proficiency by the University of Burgos. Autism Burgos´s Manager since 1989. Wide experience in the management and coordination of European…

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Marco A. has a degree in Social Education at University of Burgos and Psychopedagogy at University of Salamanca. He also has a postdegree in Educational Research and Educational Counselor at University of Salamanca. He has been working at Autismo Burgos since 2015, he has worked in several services of the Association such as residential service,…

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Social Educator

Graduated in Social Education at the University of Burgos (UBU), he currently works in the APITEA (Comprehensive psychosocial care for people with Autism) Program Autismo Burgos where he works as an employment consultant. he is also the coordinator of the I.T. (Information Technology) department. Previously, Miguel worked for various NGO´s and for the European project…

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