FPDA – Federação Portuguesa de Autismo (Portuguese Federation for Autism) is a non-profit NGOPD (Non-Governmental Organization for People with Disabilities) registered nº48 under the Portuguese law that includes 12 parent associations all over the country (mainland and Madeira and Azores).

FPDA was founded in 2004 to replacea national NGO founded in 1971 in Lisbon. The member associations of FPDA are independent non-profit NGOs but work together in projects, campaigns and other activities. Their common objectives, values and principles are: inclusion, non-discrimination, solidarity, representativeness,association, and partnership. They support around 3,000 persons on the autism spectrum and their families, giving them advice and providing services.

The mission of FPDA is to advance the rights of autistic people and their families and represents its member associations near national and international organizations. Their common objectives are: to support research on the aetiology, phenomenology and therapeutics of autistic spectrum disorders; to promote the education and training of the persons in the spectrum in order to their full inclusion in society; to give support and training to families; to improve the quality of life of autistic people through the access to a proper diagnosis, early intervention, inclusive schooling and education all through their lives and to promote employment and access to an adequate housing. To reach these objectives FPDA organizes services and promotes national and international projects of common interest to its associated members.

FPDA follows the rights presented in the Charter for Persons with Autism approved by the European Parliament as a Written Declaration (1996) and also the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. FPDA approves and disseminates the Position papers of Autism-Europe. FPDA is accredited through ISO 9001:2015 and is a partner of the Agency of Accreditation Qualiwork.


Federação Portuguesa de Autismo

Rua José Luis Garcia Rodrigues,
Bairro do Alto da Ajuda • 1300-565 Lisboa

Tel: 21 3630040

Email: fpda@fpda.pt

Website: http://www.fpda.pt

Project coordinator

President of Federação Portuguesa de Autismo since 2004. Member of the Council of Administration of Autism-Europe since 1986; Vice-President of Autism-Europe (1990-2008), President of APPDA-Lisboa (1984-2012). Member of the board of CNOD (Organisation for Portuguese Disability) (2000-2004). PhD in Architecture (Universidade de Lisboa), Master of Arts in Education, (Boston University). Coordinator of EU projects. Commissioner…

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Psychomotrician and speaker

Inês is graduated in Psychomotor Rehabilitation, Faculty of Human Motricity in 2007.She completed her curricular traineeship at the Psychiatric Hospital Center of Lisbon in the ward of chronically ill men for users aged between 18 and 75 years, with a heterogeneous diagnosis (schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, autism spectrum disorder, oligofrenia, etc).Since 2007, she has been working…

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Andreia joined FPDA – Federação Portuguesa de Autismo in February, 2018 and since that she works as Educational Psychologist in the elaboration and implementation of some of the projects carried out by FPDA. Previously, Andreia was working as volunteer in London in the Portuguese Speakers Community Centre where over a year she did the follow…

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Educational Psychologist

Teresa joined FPDA – Federação Portuguesa de Autismo in March, 2018 and since that she works as Educational Psychologist in the elaboration and implementation of the projects carried out by FPDA. Previously Teresa worked for Associação Pais-em-Rede doing the evaluation, follow up and an intervention through a person centered planning of young and adult people…

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