The Mars Foundation (Mars autistákért Alapítvány in Hungarian) was established in 2017 so that families with an autistic family member do not to feel left alone in the universe. The main goal of the Foundation is to provide the most recent and evidence based information and to build an interactive, helping and caring community in Hungary. In order to help the families navigate in the Hungarian care system, we provide counseling, information materials, and organise parent trainings. Their motto is quality and sustainability.


Mars Alapítvány

KUBIK, Jászai Mari tér 5-6. Budapest, Hungary

Tel: +36 705402428



Founder and Director

Zsuzsanna is Director of the Mars. Zsuzsanna is the director of Mars Foundation. She has been involved in autism organisations, both in Hungary and at the European level, for the past fifteen years. Zsuzsanna was the president of the Hungarian Autistic Society for four years and has played a key role in advocating for the…

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International project manager

Organizing events and keeping in touch with people is not only her profession, but also her passion. Edit got closer to autism in 2013 when she became the project manager of the Autism-Europe’s XI Congress in Budapest from the organizing agency. She met Zsuzsanna Szilvasy during this time, and since then she has been working on supporting…

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