Web & Multimedia Specialist

Nikos is a graduate of Business Planning and Information Systems. He has working experience in European projects, both as an ICT consultant and a dissemination analyst. His expertise lies in web design and multimedia development. He is a creative thinker and a team-player, contributing to the efficiency of every project.

Social Affairs Officer / Youth Worker

With studies on Migration, Ethnic Relations and Intercultural Education, she places an important role on tolerance, diversity management and intercultural communication. Over the last four years, she has been working on transnational projects, in a wide spectrum of topics varying from refugee integration and intercultural education to social entrepreneurship and regional development.

Panagiotis has experience working in private companies and EU funded projects as an ICT expert as well as dissemination analyst. At the same time, he has been part of several organization committees on local events on behalf of NGOs. He is responsible for the operation of the website as well as the graphic and audiovisual…

Project Manager

Greg holds a degree in Balkan Studies and much experience in implementing EU funded projects. He has developed a network of collaborations and connections which he involves in the projects that he implements. He has also developed many dissemination tools and has undertaken the creation of dissemination plans for former EU projects. As the president…