In the framework of the project, two specific training courses were developed for young people on the autism spectrum and employers. These courses were then trailed and afterwards participants on the autism spectrum and employers took part in a final internship where both parties worked together to put what they learned into practice. Read the testimonials below to learn more about the experiences of the participants.

Testimonials from Spain

About the IVEA project

Project coordinator, Isabel Cottinelli Telmo provides information about the IVEA project.

Héctor Diez

Autistic student

María Oviedo

Autistic jobseeker

Ana Sancho

Hotel manager

Susana Gutiérrez


Marco A. Gutiérrez


Testimonials from Portugal

Patrícia Castanha

Autistic trainee

Tânia Paiva


Natacha Aguiar

Family member

Rui Assunção

Autistic trainee

Testimonials from Hungary

Eva Fekete

Hoya SenzoRoom

Eszter Madi


Gabor Lipcsei

Logistics Company