I think the impact this project will have in my life will be a positive one and it will certainly help me even further when it comes to have work experience and a sense of responsibility.

My name is André Antunes and I’m from Portugal. I’m 30 years old and my personal interests include watching cartoons, playing video-games and spending time with my girlfriend. Nowadays, I’m actively trying to find a new job. In my past, I finished school and completed an IT course with an internship at a human resources enterprise. After that, I had my first job as a computer operator at an organisation that’s related to autism. After that job’s contract expired, I tried to find a new one. In the meantime, I was in a commerce technician course, which led me to another internship at a shopping center’s shop. After that internship ended, I went back to trying to find a new job again.

I believe that the IVEA project is important because it’s another step forward in educating not only the people on the spectrum of autism, but also educating the people behind job employment. This can be a big chance for us people on the spectrum of autism to advance even further in our lives.