The Innovative Vocational Education for Autism project (IVEA) aims at answering to the general objectives of the Erasmus + Programme, as well as to foster the inclusion of people on the autism spectrum through employment. The project is addressed to young people with autism so they can strength their opportunities of employment throughout their lifespan. In order to reach this objective, the project will develop a European guide to promote employment for autistic people.


The IVEA project is aimed at the social inclusion of people with autism and a more focused culture on a non-discriminative and active citizenship by promoting critical thinking in across Europe. The IVEA project will contribute to the achievement of different objectives related to innovative approaches for addressing persons on the autism spectrum and their families while providing a new European holistic Guide for inclusion through employment. IVEA intends to create an active synergy with its partner organizations from different fields related to employment and in socio-economic sectors. This initiative will bring a more modern, dynamic, committed and professional approach through the integration of innovative methods using self-evaluation by people with autism. Usually, persons on the autism spectrum do not have the opportunity to raise their voices and opinion, including those concerning vocational training and employment. It is important that this people have the same opportunities in employment just like everyone else. The lVEA project will make a positive sociocultural impact through the creation of an interactive guide for inclusion of autistic people.

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Social inclusion integrates different and innovative approaches to promote employment. The main idea of this project is to provide innovative methodologies to give more opportunities for people with autism to be included in society. Thus, IVEA aims at:

  1. Raising awareness in different countries, specially in Hungary, Spain and Portugal, by proposing a new guide to enhance transversal competencies and foster the employment of autistic people. This guide will also be very useful for the inclusion and the development of social, civic and critical thinking, also combating discrimination and segregation.
  2. Enhancing the access and the participation of persons on the autism spectrum by reducing discrepancies in labour opportunities; and raising employers’ awareness of the competences and difficulties of people with autism based on the self-evaluation of their skills.
  3. Implementing open and innovative practices, in the context of the digital era, by using and developing digital tools and methods to develop ICT among all partners to successfully disseminate the project (e.g. skype conferences, social networks, websites, and other digital media).


Concerning the specific field in vocational education and training, priority will be given to:

  1. the development of VET business partnerships with employers aiming at promoting work-based learning, especially in the held of people with autism.
  2. the creation of a holistic guide to promote employment for people with autism in terms of European and international partnerships. Thus, the project prioritses the development of a VET business partnership aiming at promoting work-based learning in all its forms by involving social partners and companies across Europe, especially in Portugal, Spain and Hungary.
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